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Moe PLACE :: DWP Suters
Mildura Eco Living Centre :: EME Design
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A decade’s experience in sustainable design means we know what works and what doesn’t.

We know where it’s worth spending money and what is just ‘eco bling’. Utilising our industry-leading building simulation methods, instinctive understanding of building physics and plain old-fashioned logic, our sustainable design consulting services are highly regarded amongst building owners, building designers and building users alike.

We really ‘get’ buildings. As qualified engineers, we understand how heat and energy moves, which is the fundamental principle of how buildings operate. We know the difference between a house and a hospital, and that a kindergarten teacher has different needs to an office worker. Whatever your building, we can make it perform better.

We excel at:

  • Passive design
  • Building simulation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water conservation
  • Transport
  • Materials – use and disposal
  • Environmental ratings like Green Star and NABERS
  • Building management (the most important bit!)