Moe PLACE :: DWP Suters
Moe PLACE :: DWP Suters
Moe PLACE playground

Edefice was the ESD consultant and delivered energy modelling for this new $6.5m community centre in Moe, Victoria. Moe PLACE (people, learning, activity, community, education) was developed to centralise early childhood services including maternal and child health, childcare, preschool, toy library, meeting space, multi-purpose gym/recreation room, music room and community kitchen. The centre utilises passive heating and cooling to maintain comfort with minimal energy consumption.

Detailed daylight and shading modelling has helped optimise the glazing and facade design for daylight and occupant comfort.

Edefice acted as the ESD Consultant for DWP Suters and completed solar access, daylight and energy modelling and the JV3 compliance assessment. The results enabled  Moe PLACE to achieve a cost-effective and multi-functional premises that services the local community population.

What our clients say

Ania, over the past eight years, has worked with DWP Suters across numerous projects, especially in the civic and community sector. In that time she has provided exemplary service in her field of expertise, being ESD design and consultancy. This service has assisted us tremendously to capitalise upon the natural environment to enhance the sustainability of our projects.

Scott Francis
Senior Associate, DWP Suters